After the holiday rush and as we settle back down into our weekly work routine, we engage in the age-old habit of resolving to do better at our jobs and in our personal lives – make an impact.
Easier said than done. But with the help of some of the tools you already have on hand, you can certainly make some headway early in the year and reach some of your management goals sooner than later.

Here are a couple of suggestions for New Year’s resolutions that you can quickly implement using Timesphere as the tool to help you meet your goals.

Resolution 1 – Be a better communicator – maximize the use of Timesphere’s employee portal.

You build a better company culture when your communication processes are automated. Why? Because transparent, real-time communications regarding an employee’s schedule has now become the norm.
Today’s employees run their day-to-day lives using their smart phones. Start the New Year off right by using Timesphere’s scheduling communications features to automate your communications and empower your employees:

• Stop the bombardment of emails, post-its and voice messages that are time consuming. Centralize your employee availabilities communications and manage employee availabilities in real-time.
• Let your employees stipulate their work schedule preferences and be transparent about work scheduling by leveraging Timesphere’s shift bidding.
• Give your employees flexibility all while ensuring that your scheduling rules are respected using Timesphere’s shift trades function.

Resolution 2- Be a more efficient manager – reduce or eliminate timesheet errors.

Save time and money this year by eliminating costly double timesheet entries. By using Timesphere’s automated timesheet functionality from the get-go this year you’ll be able to:

• Automatically calculate employee overtime and ensure that all pay rules are being met.
• Generate each employee’s premiums in a single click, efficiently and equitably across the workforce.
• Track all changes indefinitely in order to potentially retrace errors and their source.

By automating your timesheet, the bottom line is that you’ll become a more efficient manager because you’ll have extra time to focus on other more strategic managerial activities and projects that you have been putting on the back burner due to lack of time and budget.

Sure, setting up the automation of your timesheets and learning how to leverage the employee portal functionality in Timesphere may require an upfront investment in time, but our team of experts is ready to help you out and get you up and running faster.