We will offer you some interesting points about the advantages of installing an effective time and attendance management system in an organization. Each company has an interest in investing in such a system that will better organize the schedules of its employees.

The main benefit of a good time and attendance system is improved operational efficiency. What are the other benefits? We will discuss in this first part of the file the financial savings realized as a result of your investment.


As we said in the preamble, investing in a time management system and attendance results in improved operations. This results in direct and indirect savings for your business that will outperform your investment in the system.

These savings also come from the reduction in payroll time. First, in the analysis of clock maps, but also when sending the approvals and adjustments that will be processed at the source by the hierarchical managers of the company.

It is often said that time is money. A time and attendance management system automatically calculates overtime for employees and other payments made to them. What’s more, it will take only a few seconds to generate final payroll information. The economy will not only be financial, but also time-consuming, which can be used for other tasks.

We have presented you the benefits of having a time management system and effective presence in your business. The first point about his earnings related to the financial and time savings you can achieve. For this second part, we will talk more technically about the features that these systems offer.

First, like most automated IT systems, it improves the organizational structure of your business that will save you time and money. What’s more, the time and attendance management system supports the employees and executives of the company who have to perform various administrative tasks in human resources.


In the previous point, we mentioned that the automated system can generate reports. In addition to managing absences, they can be established for daily and weekly time sheets as well as for overtime.

Reports are created by the Crystal Reports solution and can be previewed, printed or exported in Excel, HTML, text and more. They can also be scheduled at any time for automatic execution and sent by email to hierarchical executives.