Quebec’s emergency services are essential to the safety of citizens and the proper management of a crisis situation. This can happen at any time of the day and, in order to properly manage it, the staff of various emergency services need to organize themselves efficiently by means of, among other things, a reliable schedule. The slightest misallocation can have dire consequences. However, managing the schedules of a service that must be available 24 hours a day can be very complicated.

In this sense, technology can provide solutions. Let’s look at how these solutions would help emergency departments better deal with some of the challenges presented by things such as schedule management.

Ensuring a constant presence of emergency personnel

A fire or downed power line is not something that can be predicted and can happen at any time, day or night. For the various emergency services to be able to respond quickly, on-call staff has to be ready to respond. This means adapting everyone’s schedules to ensure the continuous availability of the service, whether for firefighters assigned to the fire services, Hydro-Québec crews or ambulance drivers. However, juggling between regular working hours and the number of employees on call can be tricky. Computerizing schedules with schedule management software would allow emergency departments to optimize their schedules based on their needs and the availability of their employees.

Decongesting emergency health services

Medical emergency services have special requirements that make it difficult to establish an efficient schedule. Indeed, emergency physicians have to cover whole days while coping with the constraints of emergency care. Physicians are required to work a number of shifts, which are often assigned based on seniority. In addition, it is almost impossible to predict the number of patients who will arrive at the emergency department over the course of a day. It is therefore complicated for the people responsible to produce a schedule that meets the needs of this service.

To this end, schedule management software can complement the work of health professionals. These tools can compile information on staff availability with information on emergency department needs to produce an effective on-call schedule, while reducing the workload required for this task.

Optimize emergency services with schedule management software

Good schedule management is therefore essential for the proper functioning of emergency services. Although the people in charge of these services are aware of the conditions to be respected in order to build an efficient schedule, they are not immune to human error. These can be avoided by combining the skills of emergency service professionals with scheduling software.

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