As an essential step and a legal obligation, rigorous and accurate invoicing is necessary to comply with the law. Every sale and service must be recorded in an invoice that contains key information, such as the date of issue, the services/products sold, the amount of the invoice, etc.

However, good invoice management is not always easy. Here are some simple but effective tips to help you achieve this.

Communication: the key to better invoice management

Define the rules with your customers

A clear and precise exchange with your client will help you define the specific limits of your collaboration. Start by stipulating the late payment penalties that can be applied in your general terms and conditions of sale to avoid unpleasant surprises. Explicitly communicate your payment terms:

  • the amount of the deposit to be paid upon signature of the contract
  • payment deadlines
  • the methods of payment accepted
  • late payment penalties

This information helps your customers clearly understand the rules of your collaboration. With this simple approach, you limit the risk of late payment or disagreement on the deadlines to be met. You also reduce the time spent dunning your customers for current invoices.

Follow-up regularly

The more vigilant you are about preparing and paying your invoices, the easier it will be for you to get your monthly invoice. Efficient employee scheduling and logistics management helps you anticipate deadlines and automate certain tasks. This solution gives you an edge on certain actions, better accounting visibility and a reliable result for invoicing your customers. Performing a regular check lets you remind your customers of certain deadlines or follow-up in the event of non-payment.

Strict personal organization: the secret to good invoice management

Choosing the right tools

Nowadays, there are many software programs that can help you better manage planning, as well as optimize your invoicing organization throughout the month. Outstanding payment alerts, automatic reminders, statistics, these are all clever systems that, when properly configured, can help you invoice your customers more efficiently. In addition to these programs, you can arrange times during the day, or during the week, to check your accounts.

Fulfill your obligations

As a company manager, irrespective of its size, you are faced with certain invoicing obligations. These documents, which you use to be paid and to pay your employees, must contain important information. Familiarize yourself with this information in order to prepare an invoice that complies with the legislation, which will help you obtain remedies in the event of a dispute with a customer.

Timesphere can help you improve invoice management

You will need some time and training to find the right methodology for managing your monthly invoicing. But with the right tools, well-structured employee schedules and a well thought-out organization, better management is possible!

At Timesphere, we can help you optimize your invoicing with our work schedule management solutions. Contact our team for more information.