Are you planning to set up a time management system for your employees or do you simply want to improve the system in place within your company? In both cases, you will certainly want to find an effective solution that is perfectly fits the nature of your organization.

Implementing a system for managing schedules, leave and replacements within a company is a complex task that requires a great deal of experimentation. However, there are methods and tools available to help you prepare for this complex task as effectively as possible.

Determine your employees’ production standards for effective schedule management

A good way to ensure that your employees’ schedules are appropriate is to observe their level of productivity for each task and prepare their schedules accordingly. 

You also need to determine when, or on what days, you need more production (e.g. Friday evening for a restaurant), if applicable. This gives you a clear idea of the number of employees required for a given period.

Take leave and replacement management for your employees into consideration

Naturally, your employees have their own private lives, outside the scope of the company. They can take time off or get sick and may not be available every time you need them. 

That is why having an effective leave and replacement system is important. You have to prepare for last-minute absences, distribute shifts fairly and give your employees the option to swap shifts easily. 

Scheduling in a highly structured environment can be very complicated. If your company’s structure is particularly complex, you can streamline the process with time management software.

Use software to manage employee schedules, leave and replacement

Since implementing an excellent time management system requires a considerable amount of time and effort in logistics, an increasing number of companies use time management software. This alternative provides an efficient, flexible, user-friendly and customized system.

Companies that use this type of scheduling software generally benefit from improved communication between employees, better planning of staffing needs and a personalized portal for each employee.

For efficient and easy-to-use custom scheduling software, consider Timesphere

The dedicated team of experts behind the Timesphere solution created the software to help companies meet their employee scheduling challenges and help them improve their efficiency and productivity.

The result of their efforts is a reliable and customized time management solution that can be customized to meet the needs of any organization in any sector. With Timesphere, the success of your human resources management is guaranteed. For more information about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.