Employee time and attendance issues are nothing new. Fortunately, the methods employed to enforce compliance with work schedules have gradually improved over time, making the problem much more manageable today.

Indeed, the good old time clock has given way to digital technologies, which simplify employee management on several levels. Of course, time and attendance management is no exception.

Why is good time and attendance management important?

As a business manager, you want your employees to respect the hours they are expected to work and you have to avoid overpaying them. On the other hand, your employees are entitled to breaks and want to be paid according to the time invested in their work.

While these two points of view seem straightforward on the surface, in practice it can be difficult to make them function together. The situation becomes more complex when constraints such as employee mobility or leave and replacement management are added to the picture. If your attendance management is inefficient, you risk accumulating internal organizational and communication problems.

What is the best solution for time and attendance management?

The labour market is constantly changing, especially when it comes to the technologies being used. Time clocks are no longer suitable for effective time and attendance management, since they are increasingly ill-suited to new ways of operating in the workplace.

The most successful organizations use workforce management software to manage their employees’ time and attendance. This software centralizes the communication between managers and employees for efficient management of your human resources. Among the software on the market, few can rival the efficiency, industry adaptability and ease-of-use of the Timesphere solution.

Timesphere’s Time and Attendance module provides enhanced control over the hours worked by your employees by integrating all of your company’s validation and operating rules. Attendance control is done through the integrated employee portal of the Timesphere solution, which allows you to interpret attendance to monitor late arrivals, early departures or any other scheduling discrepancies.

Integrate Timesphere into your business for efficient employee time and attendance management

The time and attendance module is just one of the many features of the Timesphere software. Integrating this easy-to-use, fully customizable solution into your business can make your life easier in all aspects of workforce management.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Timesphere, we invite you to read the other articles in our blog section. You can also contact us for more details on how our solution works or to acquire it for your business today.