In most industries, overtime hours are very common. If they are well managed, they generally do not create problems. On the other hand, poor overtime management can lead to payroll mistakes that can have rather damaging consequences.

How can you ensure that your company’s overtime management is efficient enough to avoid errors in compensation? There is no better way than using good workforce management software.

What is workforce management software and how does it relate to overtime pay?

Workforce management software is an IT solution that optimizes workforce planning and monitoring. This software ensures that business policies, pay scales, collective agreements and employee requirements are strictly adhered to, regardless of industry sector or company scale.

How can this software help you avoid overtime pay mistakes?

Most good employee management software includes a payroll module, which is used to ensure effective management of employee time banks and applicable rates of pay depending on the situation.

This is particularly useful if your employees’ hourly rate increases when they work overtime. Since the software automatically records the extra hours worked and adjusts the employee’s salary upward accordingly, you can rest assured that your staff will be properly compensated according to your company’s standards.

Timesphere, the perfect solution to eliminate overtime payroll mistakes

The Timesphere solution is the most efficient workforce management software on the market. Timesphere can be fully adapted to your company’s operations and standards and is a custom solution with a dedicated team ready to meet your most complex workforce planning challenges.

The software’s performance and the dedication and expertise of the analysts and support team make the Timesphere solution the most effective, whether you want to properly compensate overtime, manage leave and replacement requests, improve your company’s internal communication, improve schedule planning and optimization, or even accurately anticipate staffing needs.

If you want to put an end to workforce planning problems within your company, simply contact our team. Our specialists are attentive to your most exacting workforce management needs and are ready to put their expertise at your disposal to provide you with a personalized experience that is completely unique to your business.