Martin got up on the right foot this morning. The 32-year-old computer engineer is on leave today. You bet! After making an informal leave request to his boss earlier this week near the coffee machine, Martin arranged a nice family outing with his wife and daughter. 

But just as our engineer was about to walk out the door, he was unfortunately called by his office. Nadia, the human resources manager, informed him that he was late for his shift. Dang! Martin is supposed to be on leave today. Hmm… It seems that communication between the parties has been lacking…

If you want to avoid this kind of situation occurring between you and your employees, let’s take a look at how schedule management software can improve internal communication within your company.

Better workforce planning

First, employee scheduling software makes internal communication easier in a company by improving workforce planning. Thanks to its planning plugin, the software lets you create work schedules that respect the company’s needs, policies and rules as well as employee preferences. As a result, if Martin had made a formal request through this type of platform, the misunderstanding between him and his supervisor would most certainly not have occurred.

Improved demand forecasting

Next, schedule management software can be used to accurately and efficiently forecast demand and anticipate the staffing needs of each company department. For instance, if Martin had logged his leave request in a software program like Timesphere, his supervisor would have seen that the IT department was going to need an engineer to replace Martin that day. And he would have had no problem assigning this shift to the next available engineer.

A 100% dedicated employee portal

Schedule management software also offers a dedicated portal for each employee. In short, Martin would have made his leave request through this portal if the company he works for had provided this option. 

Martin’s replacement would have also checked his schedule through this portal and noticed his new shift. Not bad, huh?

Improve internal communication with schedule management software

In a nutshell, this is how schedule management software can improve internal communication in a company. Naturally, this type of software contains many other options including order management, schedule optimization, payroll and more. Perhaps these will be the subject of a future article? To be continued…

In the meantime, if you would like to find out how schedule management software can improve your internal operations, contact us!