Most employees in Quebec are entitled to paid holidays. This entitlement is often accrued during the first 12 months of employment with a company, while some employers are more generous and grant leave earlier.

On the other hand, the right to paid leave comes with some responsibilities and cannot be used arbitrarily. In certain circumstances, employers have the right to refuse a leave request if it fails to meet certain requirements, which we will highlight throughout this article.

Employers can deny a leave request for operational reasons

If the employee’s presence at work is necessary for the business to operate on the date they requested leave, the employer has the right to refuse the request. Depending on the organization’s industry, a staff shortage can have serious consequences.

Imagine that two of the three cooks in a restaurant ask for Valentine’s Day off on a particularly busy night. The restaurant would be unable to provide food to its customers in a timely manner and may have to close for the evening due to a lack of staff. Naturally, this would cause considerable financial losses to the business.

In an effort to avoid these situations, employers reserve the right to deny any request for leave that could make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the company to operate.

The employer may refuse a leave request if the notice period is not respected

Every employee who requests a leave of absence has the responsibility to notify the employer within a reasonable period of time before the desired date of leave. This period can vary from company to company, while some employers do not require more than one day’s notice. In any case, it is important for the employee to be aware of the notice period imposed by the employer in order to avoid misunderstandings.

A growing number of employers are adopting employee management software to ensure seamless communication between employees and managers, as well as effective scheduling and leave management. These tools centralize leave requests, schedule changes or replacement requests, which facilitates communication between the parties involved.

Timesphere: the ideal software for managing leave requests

Communication problems between managers and employers can have serious consequences, especially when the misunderstanding involves an employee’s attendance at work.

This is why so many companies are adopting our digital workforce management solution. Timesphere lets you centralize leave requests and conditions, minimizing communication problems and ensuring that your employees respect notice periods. With our software, employees can also keep track of their colleagues’ leave requests, avoiding last minute surprises.

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