Hundreds of companies have finally put the holiday madness behind them and managers can catch their breath. While the holiday season has gone off without a hitch for most, many organizations still have a bitter taste left over.

What these organizations have in common is ineffective workforce planning. If you manage a business and feel that the holiday season was tough, we can help you improve the effectiveness of your workforce management to avoid unpleasant surprises during the next peak period.

Workforce planning: what is it?

In this regard, workforce planning involves preparing and placing the right number of employees in the various positions during a peak period for a given industry. For example, Valentine’s Day is generally very busy for restaurants; managers in this sector must therefore anticipate demand and ensure in advance that they have enough staff on the floor to adequately serve the large number of patrons.

How to ensure good workforce planning

An increasing number of companies use employee scheduling software to support this process. This software not only allows for more accurate demand forecasting, but also helps manage schedules, holidays and replacements more efficiently.

Staffing needs can be difficult to anticipate while accommodating employees based on their availability. In peak traffic periods, it becomes almost impossible to manually develop an optimal schedule: the likelihood of having too many or too few employees, of making a scheduling mistake or of a communication problem interfering with operations becomes very high.

Timesphere: the ideal solution for workforce planning and management

This is where the Timesphere solution comes in. With its demand forecasting module that adapts to your industry and its intuitive scheduling system, our workforce management software can help you be fully prepared for peak periods.

Timesphere software can also be used to anticipate unexpected traffic spikes. Sometimes there is no specific reason that can explain a sudden increase in customers. However, our artificial intelligence systems can predict traffic based on your organization’s data, which comes from a variety of industry sources.

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