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Replacing a manual process with an automated scheduling solution like Timesphere makes solid business sense. Find out how much you stand to save with the interactive ROI calculators inside this eBook. Those manual scheduling costs you’ll be eliminating through automation become your budget for a scheduling system.

Service managers can lose 66 percent of their time on manual scheduling. But that’s only one part of the cost. This eBook examines the combined cost of planning inefficiencies, managing replacements, uncontrolled time management and errors in payroll.

An automated scheduling system like Timesphere is capable of reducing or eliminating those costs altogether. Use our interactive calculators to demonstrate your savings potential and seal your business case for planning automation.

Timesphere helps all types of businesses manage scheduling and availability, track time and attendance, control payroll, and improve staff communication. It’s also capable of demand forecasting and order tracking for optimized planning and logistics.

What’s inside

Chapter 1

Workforce Planning Cost Justifier #1 – Planning

Every pay period, you forecast the projected demand on your resources, and rise to the challenge of putting the right workers in the right shifts, or risk overstaffing and losing money on unchecked labour costs.

When schedules are constrained by Call Lists and other union stipulated rules, it’s critical that staffing priorities are respected. And in most organizations, the manager alone knows the rules well enough to ensure they’re being applied properly.

As well, it takes a certain amount of time to manage absent staff and organize replacements.

With Timesphere Scheduling, you can optimize your schedules and manage replacements according to your business rules – in up to 66% less time.

Automated Scheduling
Timesphere’s optimization engines let you automatically create schedules by defining your company rules and assigning available staff.

  • Generate schedules in less than half the time – and eliminate planning errors
  • Optimize schedules with the Schedule Simulator using traffic data
  • Assign shifts according to rules and staffing priorities
  • Allocate shifts based on employee preference
  • Reorganize schedules based on changing customer traffic and staff availability, keeping work hours guaranteed to employees
  • Share schedules instantaneously through the Employee Portal

Discover the value of Scheduling Automation

Value of Time Calculator

Planning ROI

To calculate the value of your time – and figure out the cost of manual planning, divide your total pay earned by your total time spent on planning your schedules and managing replacements. Managers spend on average eight hours per week on these combined activities.

Finished with mental math? Try our ROI calculator on the last page to see the total savings now.




Scheduling automation can optimize your workforce planning and improve your bottom line. Use our worksheets and calculators to figure out the amount you could be saving. Reallocate that budget towards an automated system like Timesphere, the most advanced and complete scheduling solution on the market.

For the work I had to do, it took just an hour to learn and I was ready to use it. The automatic list of replacement to-dos saves so much time!

Mercédès Trucotte, University of Laval, 201-500 employees

It took me around 7 hours to plan my schedules, now I spend only one hour. I would never go back!


The flexibility of this tool allows our store managers to be more proactive and precise when they are doing their schedules.

Michel Pomerleau, UAP inc, 1001-5000 employees

The Solution

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