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Timesphere’s priority is to is to have a high level of quality service and satisfaction of its clients. Every day, we improve our software by innovation and research beyond the limits.



GardaWorld is one of the largest privately held business and security services companies in the world. Garda World provides secure transportation and cash processing services, protective services and pre-board screening at Canadian airports.

Garda World uses the services of Timesphere to plan and manage the schedules of security employees. Timesphere allows you to control and optimize the number of employees at each of the checkpoints to provide a pleasant experience with minimal wait for airport passengers such as Pearson in Toronto or Calgary Airport.



QSL is a marine terminal operator and world-class stevedore that develops tailor-made solutions to offer innovative handling methods with careful attention to the merchandise.


QSL uses Timesphere technologies to optimize and automate all call-to-work operations.



The Auto Parts Division network is made up of automotive parts and accessories stores, paint and body product stores, and automotive repair and maintenance centres. It includes 9 distribution centres, nearly 600 NAPA Auto Parts stores across Canada, 45 NAPA CMAX Paint and Body Shop Supply Stores, 650 NAPA AUTOPRO Service Centres, over 1,100 NAPA AutoCare Service Centres… and 90 years of history!

Napa uses Timesphere technology to predict traffic in stores and call centers to produce schedules that will maximize the quality of customer service.



Montréal is the second most populous city in Canada. By 2016, the city had 1,704,694 inhabitants and its urban area was over four million, or about half the population of Quebec. Montréal is the 19th most populous conurbation in North America and the 122th most populous city in the world. Timesphere can manage and optimize the schedules of hundreds of employees in its facilities such as the botanical garden, the insectarium and for all security personnel throughout the city.



As one of the largest and most capable companies Exhibition in the Trade Show Management industry, our goal is to partner with you as your exhibition consultants, offering complete turn-key solutions for all your tradeshow, event and experiential marketing challenges. From pre-show brainstorming and planning, to at-show execution to post-show analysis and recommendations, we’re committed to creating a positive experience that results in a successful, lasting partnership.

La Grande Bibliothèque


The Grande Bibliothèque, a vast public space of 33,000 square meters in the heart of the metropolis, is an exceptional cultural venue providing free and free access to more than four million documents, over two million books. The collections are grouped essentially around two poles: a Universal Collection and the National Collection.


The Grande Bibliothèque used Timesphere for over 10 years to plan employee schedules. On a daily basis, users make dozens of replacements, being sure of compliance with collective agreement rules.



I’m Téo, a taxi service like no other. I’m 100% electric and I invite you to join me in helping to make the world a greener, cleaner place. I’ll be using state-of-the-art technology to get you from point A to B in our wonderful city of Montreal, and I promise to offer you the best and friendliest service in town.


With Timesphere technologies, Teo plans, optimizes and manages the work schedules of all its drivers. It ensures that there will always be the right number of taxis in circulation and this, offering quality work schedules.



Québec City’s 10th largest city, the fourth largest city in the CMM, Terrebonne has 111,000 citizens, one of the highest rates of young families in Quebec. Here is your city you have every reason to be proud of.


The city of Terrebonne has been using Timesphere for over 10 years. He plans and manages the schedules of his maintenance, libraries and recreation employees. Timesphere enables it to comply with the convention rules applicable both for planning and for the management of replacements. Timesphere also completely automated the process of managing attendance and timesheets.



With 15,8 million passengers in 2015, including a high percentage of business travellers, Genève Aéroport occupies a special place in the European air transport sector. It has an extensive network of 142 direct destinations, 23 of which are intercontinental. It is especially popular when temperatures drop, when it welcomes countless tourists visiting the region for the winter sports.


Since 2009, Geneva Airport has been using Timesphere to plan and manage employees’ security schedules. Timesphere allows you to control and optimize the number of employees at each of the checkpoints to provide a pleasant experience with minimal waiting for passengers