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Plan and communicate


2$ / month


Perfect for organisations that, even with fewer employees, wish to greatly simplify their life



Plan and follow the rules


4$ / month


For those who want some flexibility of using several modules for a small fee.



Optimize and personalize your operations


6$ / month


Option designed to give access to all that Timesphere can offer, including its ability to adapt to your organization’s specific needs.



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Schedule Planning Module
tThe planning module allows to build workforce schedules while observing company needs, policies and rules.

2$ / empl / month

4$ / empl / month

6$ / empl / month

Start-up fees *
tBase training and accompanying measures necessary to implement are included. Can vary depending on the number of employees.

from 1,500$

from 3,000$

from 5,000$

Automated creation of schedules according to needs, availability and rules

Absence planning

Replacements by general seniority

Spontaneous auction by general seniority

Schedule print and export to MS Excel

Planner and employee level of access

• Planner access: Allows access to all system functions, except for users management. It is possible to restrain the planner's access to certain divisions solely and to create a planner profile in viewing mode only.

• Employee access: An employee profile is reserved to users with employee portal access solely.

Supervisor level of access

• Supervisor access: Gives access to all system functionalities and all screens. Can also manage users.

Initial loading of employee listing *

Automated creation of schedules per general seniority

Adaptation possibilities:*

Personalized replacement auction

Self-planning by process

Auctions rules of distribution

MS Excel specific reports in black and white

Personalized and automated schedule creation.

Employee Portal Module

Schedule visualisation

System-based messaging and document sharing with employees

Email notification

Text messaging notification *

Timesphere's automatic dialer *
tAdaptation possibility: recording of a personalized message.

Availability notification form

Time-off request

Work shifts exchanges

Adaptation possibility:*

Automated validation of availability or shift swaps


2$ / empl / month

4$ / empl / month

Start-up fees
tBase training and accompanying measures necessary to implement are included. Can vary depending on the number of employees.

1695 $

1695 $

Time confirmation and ajustments made by employee

Earnings codes configuration

Approvals and adjustments made by supervisor

Schedule disparities indicator

Automated earnings codes application

Absences codes management

Paymaster confirmation

Adaptation possibilities:*

Export to payroll

Personalized premiums related to work hours

Time Bank *

Available balances management

Balances visualisation

Balances reports

Initial loading of balances *

Adaptation possibilities:*

Time Bank synchronization with the hosting system

Personalized premiums related to work hours

Demand Forecasting Module *

Ridership forecasting according to history

Planned conversion of ridership in operational requirements

Interface with transactional systems

Reports Module

Varied reports

Specific reports *

Custom Development *

Additional Information: 

  •  * Extra charges may apply
  • Indicated prices exclude taxes
  • User fees have been calculated on an annual basis; in order to find out what they would be on a monthly basis, please contact us


Ask us about Timesphere’s configuration and customization possibilities, which can match your needs in every detail!

Questions & Answers

What are the steps to implement Timesphere? +

  1. Project kick off meeting. Project dedicated team takes over.
  2. Schedule planning process and time planning analysis. If applicable, adaptations analysis as well.
  3. Reception of an MS Excel file with all the information on your employees, your organization and your work applicable rules.
  4. Solution configuration according to your specific needs and provided information.
  5. Configuration validation and acceptance.
  6. User’s training.
  7. Parallel testing phase undergoing.
  8. Consolidating achievements
  9. System’s operational phase begins

What type of support do we have access to? +

Our technical team checks the availability of your environment on a 24/7 basis. Timeshere’s users support is available during work hours, from Monday through Friday between 8h30 and 17h00, except for statutory holidays.

Can I change plan at any time? +

Yes. Timesphere is a pay-as-you-go service and you can change plan, add/remove modules or options. That is also the case for the number of employees.

Can Timesphere integrate with my current HR and payroll systems, etc.? +

Timesphere employee scheduling software can easily integrate and exchange information with your existing systems, enabling seamless implementation and more precisely targeted planning and scheduling.

Timesphere can bi-directionally interface with:

  • HR systems
  • POS
  • ERP
  • Traffic Management Systems
  • Authentication systems
  • Presence control systems
  • Pay systems
  • Communication systems

Will my data be kept in security? +

Timesphere’s hosting infrastructure meets the world’s highest reliability and security standards.


Data security is a priority

  • Hosting is through a third-party data center 4
  • Application can be accessible in encrypted mode on SSL tunnel in HTTPS mode
  • Our virtual machine is isolated in a promiscuity zone on a virtual private network for each of our customers
  • Each client receives their own unique access URL

Is there a long term contract? +

Timesphere is offered as a ‘pay as you go’ service. You can pay month to month or pre-pay annually. You may cancel a subscription with 60 day’s notice.

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