Generate smarter schedules in under half the time with Timesphere

The Most Complete and Advanced Employee Scheduling Solution on the Market.


Let staff choose their shifts and manage their replacements – while respecting even the most complex rules and collective agreements.


  • Automate employee scheduling based on skills and availability
  • Respect business rules and staffing priorities
  • Auction shifts in order of eligibility
  • Replace staff easily with Scheduling Assistant
  • Communicate with employees through the mobile app

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Spend less time on scheduling

Timesphere simplifies the making and management of schedules. Thanks to its Automated Decision Support, it supports staffing environments where complex rules apply. It helps managers track time and attendance, manage payroll, and improve communication. Timesphere is the only scheduling software on the market that respects strict business requirements.

 Replace absent staff easily by auctioning open shifts in the order of your call list   

Generate Schedules Automatically 

Timesphere’s optimization engines generate the best possible schedules based on staff skills and preferred work hours. And always in accordance with the rules. Schedules are also reorganized in response to customer demand.

  • Assign shifts to available employees with rules in effect
  • Allocate shifts based on employee preference
  • Communicate better through the mobile Employee Portal
  • Create Schedule Simulations based on live traffic data 
  • Reorganize schedules to reflect changing customer demand
  • Respect business rules and guaranteed work hours



Replace Staff With Scheduling Assistant

Easily modify schedules and manage replacements through the virtual Scheduling Assistant. Shift Bid lets you publish open shift offers to available staff. Meanwhile, Automated Decision Support ensures business rules, collective agreements and employee coverage are being respected to the letter. Timesphere can be also configured to render decisions.


  • Fill in absences
  • Manage replacements
  • Coordinate & approve time off requests
  • Auction open shifts

Improve Employee Communication

Staff check their schedules, request time off, and clock in and out through the mobile portal. Shifts can be traded among staff without violating company policies. Rules are applied and shifts are assigned in order of priority. 

  • View schedules
  • Bid on shifts
  • Request time off
  • Track time and log timesheet
  • Access message center and documents
  • Message staff and management




Mobilize Your Workforce

Communicate instantly and from anywhere through the mobile application. Smartphone access keeps staff accountable, and the company in check with complex union rules. Employees stay informed and in contact without phone calls or follow ups.


  • Comply with labour and union rules
  • Avoid unnecessary calls and texts
  • Track requests and authorizations
  • Stop paying for hours not worked
  • Keep informed with timely notifications

Take Accurate Time and Attendance

Track when employees start and stop their shifts. Take attendance and detect lateness, early departures and unscheduled breaks. Stop employees from adding minutes to their clock, or clocking in for coworkers. Enforce complex business rules, while complying with over 200 federal and provincial regulatory requirements.


  • Stop paying for time not worked
  • Avoid costly calculation errors
  • Stop counting hours
  • Prevent fraud
  • Keep records

Control Pay With Timesheet 

Manage hours and pay rates. Calculate overtime and employee premiums. Obtain multiple sign offs when authorization from several people is required. Export your approved data to your internal or outsourced pay system.


  • Pay employees accurately and on time
  • Calculate overtime hours and premiums
  • Manage employee timebanks
  • Enforce complex business rules
  • Eliminate remuneration errors
  • Stop incurring overpayment costs
  • Avoid duplicate data entry

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