Par Timesphere | 14 December 2020

A proven vaccine

The current context of the pandemic has not only exposed the weaknesses in our system, but it has also disrupted our practices. The worldwide Covid-19 crisis has led most employers to reflect upon their priorities and to review their practices.

As an example, just think about the growing phenomenon of telework.

This poses a serious challenge for many employers especially in the area of human resources management. For numerous organizations, this new reality requires that they undergo a structural transformation. Preparing complex work schedules by hand appears to be one of the tasks that demands close examination to avoid errors and to make monitoring activities possible, even from a distance. Any organization wants to prevent errors in resource allocation and remuneration calculation, avoid skill mismatches, budgeted labour cost overruns and poor departmental planning and limit administration and document handling costs.

Timesphere is a leader in the field of automated scheduling systems. It has developed a solution to suppress the troublesome and unfortunate symptoms that occur as a result of completing some tasks by hand. Our product, which can be adapted to your needs and can take into account your reality, will result in savings of time and money, thus allowing you the liberty to focus on operations and to invest saved sums in other initiatives to pursue organizational strategies should you wish to do so.

When you adopt our customizable automated schedule planning system, which can be adapted according to provisions relevant to your organization, you’ll gain significant practical benefits, such as:

  • Recording of hours worked by employees;
  • Managing schedules as per collective agreement provisions;
  • Managing shift exchanges;
  • Planning and managing vacation time … among other operations.

One of the principles of evolution and adaptation requires that one must waste the least amount of resources to reach an objective. Do you embody this principle? Trust us on this. Many of our clients will positively assert that Timesphere has offered them a way to simultaneously buy and save precious time.