Par Alice T. | 29 September 2021

Let’s talk about “Happy employees.”

Today’s hot topic: Retention of staff. Worldwide, recruiting employees in the workforce is a real challenge for managers. To be able to keep on experiencing growth and ensure an organization’s sustainability, all managers must think about how to attract a skilled workforce and find ways to build its sense of loyalty to the business.

Now, let’s talk about the advantage of having happy employees working for you. As an employer, what can you do, because ultimately, you cannot be the master holding the key to the happiness of all your employees? Many factors remain beyond your reach. However, some responsibilities do rest on your shoulders every day.

Where do you start? There are many possible solutions. Let’s go with three principles an employer can adopt to promote happiness, productivity and loyalty among employees.


1. Respect rules and honour collective agreements

Respecting the provisions of a collective agreement is essential in maintaining a healthy and lasting relationship with your employees. In addition to contributing to the promotion of your organization’s values, it will create a pleasant and orderly work environment. Oh, STRUCTURE! The good old indication of a healthy company.

However, when it comes to orchestrating work schedules, the structure can become quite complex: collective agreement provisions, sick leave, last-minute replacements, call back lists, etc. The more variables there are, the higher the risk of error. And everyone knows that compliance with the collective agreement is a must.

The task is also a true headache for the human resources department. So, why not go digital and let a schedule generator figure out a way to make things work? And there you go! You avoid possible problems, and you bring your employees some happiness.


2. Establish effective and consistent working methods

In the long run, everyday irritants are the most damaging to the well-being of employees. Irritants annoy, stress and make employees unhappy. Between you and me, we must admit that administrative processes can sometimes be cumbersome, confusing and ineffective. It’s time to do something about it.

How do you get rid of these irritants? Let’s take a daily task such as manually creating and managing schedules. Imagine using a method that allows you to automate the process of managing schedules that radically simplifies this task… If simplicity rhymes with bliss (who needs a rhyme, really!), it is happiness assured.

Believe me, you can only achieve a positive outcome from making your employees happy. According to a study conducted by Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology, employees who are happy in their job are 31% more productive, 9 times more loyal and 55% more creative.


3. Facilitate your employees’ work by providing effective tools

Delegate, delegate, and delegate! Delegation is part of a manager’s reality.

The task of managing can be quite demanding (more often than not). Why not give access rights to team members who can take on different tasks, such as approving requests for time off? Also, your employees will also benefit from shared responsibilities and will show their commitment to their colleagues. Among other things, employees will be able to fill in their own availability forms, or submit their requests for time off.


A Work Schedule Generator

An organization’s efficiency and performance evolve in line with the well-being of its employees. So why not put in place solutions that improve the work climate by reducing the level of stress, the risk of errors related to the collective agreement and the administrative burden.

A schedule generator like Timesphere allows you to tap your employees’ full potential and eliminate some of those daily irritants. The implementation of an automated scheduling system is a conceivable means by which you can improve your staff’s work environment and contribute to their happiness at work.

Of course, as you will have understood, who says happy employees says increased productivity, but above all, it says improved retention of staff!