Par Alice T. | 7 December 2021

Master the Intricacies of Your Collective Agreement

Dear administrators,
Know that you are not alone in having to juggle with all the terms of a collective agreement. According to Statistics Canada, a little more than 40% of employees are unionized in Quebec. So, how does an employer avoid mistakes (often costly) while abiding collective agreement conditions?

The Importance of Respecting Your Collective Agreement

Respecting the terms of your collective agreement shows your thoughtfulness towards your employees. This form of recognition contributes to a healthy business culture. When you can use and rely on a fail-safe schedule automation software, you invest in a resource that allows you to avoid mistakes. For example, let’s take Timesphere, my favourite schedule generator. You’ll start by providing your scheduling software with essential information; rules, terms and conditions that make up your collective agreement, all of them … salaries, premiums, bonuses, vacation days, medical leave, etc. Once that is done, you can create callback lists and manage vacation requests and replacements while complying with regulatory provisions specific to your organization.

Costly Mistakes

Without the right management tools, some errors can inadvertently be made. Let’s take this simple example: An employee from your organization has worked a certain number of hours and following a callback some must be paid as overtime hours. According to your collective agreement, if it wasn’t this person’s turn to be called in, all the employees ahead of this person must also be compensated. Without even getting into any mathematical calculation, you understand that the higher the number of workers, the greater the cost associated with this single error.

Turning Your Decisions Into Dollars

How can we ensure that these mistakes are no longer made? A schedule generator, which can take into account the terms of your collective agreement, automates the scheduling process and facilitates its management. Even better, why not sync up the schedule generator with your accounting software to reduce irregularities related to manual data entry?


We often say that to err is human… It’s true! Why not then take advantage of what technology can do to improve our work environment? That is what we call the power of functional adaptation.