Par Esther Dominguez | 15 July 2022

What is a Human Resources Information System?

Perhaps you have read or heard that we have recently become an affiliate of SIGMA-RH with whom we now can offer the most complete HRIS solution available on the market. As you know, we have the perfect schedule generator, and they have the best HR suite.

But what is a HRIS exactly?

A HRIS, the most effective solution!

A HRIS is an automated software that supports all human resources processes. By “processes” we mean talent management and recruitment, the administrative management of personnel, time and attendance management and the administration of leaves of absence, compensation claims and payroll. Thistype of computerized system allows human resources managers to free up their time and dedicate it to more complex and strategic tasks. A HRIS significantly simplifies the tasks the HR team needs to perform by managing all core activitiesthrough centralized data.

So, what does this have to do with us? Because we have proven expertise in schedule planning under sets of rules and constraints, our solution becomes an absolute must in the field of human resources management and now adds a key feature making this HRIS suite the most advanced on the market.

Provides you with a collaborative tool!

It’s crazy how tasks, processes and communication become simpler!
Not only does the software automate all HR processes previously mentioned, but it also makes HR tools accessible to employees. Actually, the system allows each employee to use a single online portal to access all functions, which significantly simplifies the daily administrative processes of management while increasing the efficiency of employees and of the HR department. In short, thistool, which is primarily for employees and managers, can be used by all levels of management. It provides a direct collaborative experience, thus improving the working environment of your employees.

Do you have your answer?
Thanks to a HRIS, all members of your organization can proactively and, above all, quickly share information.
And if you are already using our automated scheduling system, add a HRIS. You’ll see, it’s the icing on the cake!