Par Alice T. | 2 August 2022

Managing Schedules During the Holiday Season

How do you manage your employees’ schedules when the holiday season begins? That long‑awaited time of the year is finally here and the only thing you have in mind is spending your days basking in the sun by the lake or taking off and going on that camping trip that you’ve been planning for months. Fortunately, Timesphere makes it easier for employees to ask for some time off to go on vacation and frees employers from the anxiety felt every year of having to completely reorganize their operations.

Because, yes, we know that managing time-off requests from employees is just as important as managing their schedules!

Here are a few key ingredients to create that perfect cocktail, to savour the taste of a stress-free holiday:

• Get seasonal input availability from your regular and temporary employees via their Web portal.
• Auction off shifts of employees going on vacation; this process makes it possible to manage replacements in a simplified and controlled way.
• Achieve compliance with all collective agreements and other rules in place within your organization: the success of this recipe lies in this essential step. Without it, automated scheduling would simply have no flavour.
• That’s it! You can now sit back and enjoy your vacation.

Come on, relax! We’ve got you covered!