Par Alice T. | 30 November 2022

A Simplified Approach to Managing Your Employee Schedules!

Managing schedules in the context of human resources is never really a source of enjoyment. For some, such a task within an organization is more an intricate maze in the practice of management. This is where Timesphere comes in. Employees use the software to provide all the necessary information, allowing you to automatically optimize the management of personnel according to your labour requirements.

Assigning Work Shifts Based on Skills Is Possible
Timesphere automatizes the schedule planning function by factoring in the skills of your employees. In other words, if the tasks to be performed during a shift require any particular skills, only the employees who possess those skills will be called upon. Really, Timesphere automatically generates a list of available and skilled employees to fill a vacant slot in the schedule. This accelerates the selection process of qualified personnel while saving you a lot of time and limiting the risk of error.

In addition to matching the skills of employees to needs, the system allows to classify the different functions according to a priority basis. Whether it be a question of prioritizing personal preference or the best pay rates, Timesphere will make sure to assign your employees to the ideal job.

For example, Jérôme works as a nurse in the cardiology department, but he also works as a supervisor in the gastroenterology department. His position as a supervisor pays better wages and is always chosen in preference over his position as a nurse. If we want to give priority to his responsibility as a supervisor, it is possible to prioritize this choice, knowing that one position is preferred over the other. Of course, the system will respect contract terms and take into account any time constraints.

A Portal That Gives You Complete Control

So, when it comes to you, dear managers, you can make changes at any time such as adding one or more certificates of competence to an employee’s dossier or specifying the number of employees required to fill your various positions. You can also get a clear and personalized schedule that brings together all the schedules with the qualified people who have been given work assignments, which you can edit whenever you want.

To sum it up, Timesphere solves your most complex management problems in a simple and efficient way thanks to the features that its automated planning software offers!