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Do you know what an employee scheduling software can do for your organization?

Tasks and operations

Process automation

With Timesphere, the employee scheduling process is automated. Since the application is adapted to your organization, your staffing planning is optimized no matter the complexity of your operational structure. The application takes into account business rules (holidays, leave of absence, overtime, etc.) as well as specific requests made by each employee. Timesphere eases the process of bidding and of managing replacements and other scheduling changes that can occur, while simplifying communication and managing processes within your organization.

Automatic generation of schedules

Timesphere automatically generates optimized schedules by filling time slots according to employee availability, level of competency, and expressed preferences, as well as business rules. Schedules that are generated automatically prevent planning errors and save time and money. You can rapidly and efficiently reorganize schedules while taking into account the production plan, the level of activity and resource constraints.


Managing the number of hours employees need to be paid will never have been this effective. The ‘Time Sheet’ module selects the pay rate to apply, calculates the number of overtime hours worked, as well as the applicable premium rate and manages the time owed or accumulated in the time bank by each employee. Once the approval process is finalized, data can be directly exported to your Payment system to prevent data double entry. Furthermore, we offer a new line of biometric terminals that can be adapted to different technological tools and be used to record time all without contact.

Order management

The ‘Order Management’ module allows you to plan schedules by the project and by customer order. Measure your productivity by keeping an eye on planning costs through time sheets. The ‘Order Management’ module automatically transfers project information to employees and allows team managers to find all the information on a given project in one place.

Collective agreement management

No matter the level of complexity of your sector of activity, Timesphere will take into account the collective agreement clauses that apply to your organization and will implement necessary controls. The automation of collective agreement regulations will protect you from costly mistakes and will contribute to the overall efficiency of your organization.

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Elements integrated into your system

Do you use payment, communication or authentication systems? Timesphere can interact in a bidirectional way with many systems that are already in place, such as:

  • Human Resources Systems
  • POS
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Traffic Management Systems
  • Authentication Systems
  • Timekeeping Systems
  • Payroll Systems
  • Communication Systems


The ‘Planning’ module allows you to create work schedules that serve the needs of your organization. It takes into account the traffic or rate of flow, the stages of production and the work time slots to fill. The needs of your organization and its business rules are taken into consideration. Also, the automation of the task of finding replacements simplifies the planning process.

Employee portal

Simplify the system of communication between management and employees with the employee portal. The portal provides access to schedules, time sheets as well as messages from the employer and relevant documents. Employees can put in requests for time off or to switch shifts, confirm availability and bid on offered shifts. The portal, which employees can access with any computer or mobile phone connected to the Internet, enables them to effectively manage their time sheets.

Demand forecast

The ‘Demand Forecast’ module enables you to anticipate staffing needs and thus having the required number of employees in the right place at the right time. Timesphere predicts site traffic based on the data from various systems used by your organization. This module is most beneficial to organizations that provide direct services to their clients such as airports, retail stores, catering or restaurant services, etc.

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Maintain control over the hours and rates payable to employees.

  • Identify the right rates of pay to apply
  • Calculate overtime
  • Calculate the applicable premiums
  • Manage employee time banks

Once the approval process is complete, the data can be exported directly to your payroll system.


Take advantage of the management indicators that are integrated into your planning and employee monitoring systems to measure your performance and gather all your data in one location. Timesphere can produce a series of basic reports and you have the option of including our business intelligence module, which acts as a complete data warehouse and can produce numerous comprehensive reports while providing complete traceability.

Attendance and adjustments

The ‘time and attendance’ module allows for optimal management of actual worked hours by employees and can identify inadequacies in punctuality, early departures or irregular breaks. In addition, this module can apply complex rules that govern pay, such as overtime pay, incentive or compensation pay and pay adjustments. You can therefore be certain that paid wages are for hours actually worked and that rules are applied on an equitable basis while respecting processes that are in place.