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To be Technical Writter

Avec Timesphere

Who are we? Timesphere is a digital intelligence firm specialized in automated scheduling and time management tools and systems. The solutions we offer are geared towards all types of organizations that are looking to optimize their planning process, regardless of the level of complexity of their operations.

Our firm has enjoyed a steady growth over the past few years, and in order to meet the needs of our growing customer base, we need dynamic and motivated people to join our team.

Work Environment

At Timesphere, we offer a work environment that fosters creativity and autonomy. We encourage the professional development of our employees in order to help them build a career that is aligned with their goals. Employee satisfaction is our priority.

We aim to create the ideal conditions that give employees the ability to balance their work and personal life. When working with us, we will provide many advantages such as a flexible schedule and a hybrid work format, group insurance, a group RRSP, and more.

Oh! And sometimes, we end the week with an after work get-together, just to relax a little!

Main Responsibilities

Do you have a strong analytical mind and easily grasp the essentials of technological tools? Do you take a proactive approach to what you do and make sure you offer the best possible service? Do you enjoy teamwork? If so, you are the person we are looking for! Under the supervision of the Sales manager, and in collaboration with the Senior Analyst, your responsibilities as our Technical Writer will include:

  • Coordinate and oversee technical documentation activities, including the development, the improvement, the implementation of recommendations for changes and the maintenance of all technical documentation and of standards related to the infrastructure of the architecture.
  • Assess the intent and the purpose of the documentation for IT and IT technical resources and management and used for executive presentations.
  • Identify viable documentation vehicles such as documents, multimedia presentations, web pages.
  • Apply technical documentation standards to drafts and working copies and when writing, editing and proofreading such documents, and apply system knowledge and skills related to infrastructure components and enterprise architecture models, to modify technical concepts, procedures and terminology in order to adapt the documentation to a variety of audiences – from technical to non-technical.
  • Review documents for technical accuracy, clarity and usability.
  • Research and keep abreast of techniques, trends and documentation tools by consulting industry publications and policies and staying informed of best practices in IT and security.
  • Monitor changes in operational requirements and assess the new information or the changes.
  • Recommend changes to relevant documentation standards and procedures and ensure their implementation.
  • Review documents produced by peers and, when necessary, consult project managers, technical resources and management about the progress of a project and decide on the timing of communications.
  • Provide support to the department as a whole by fostering strong team spirit and by maintaining good working relationships with all employees in the department and other sectors.
  • This position may involve the editing of highly complex and technical documents and will require managing a large amount of technical documentation.

Profile and Skills Sought :

The rare gem who will be joining our team will possess the following qualifications:

  • At least three years of experience in technical documentation for business application solutions;
  • Excellent communication skills including the ability to effectively express ideas and understand levels of detail, to properly use technological terminology and style and to write for technical and non-technical audiences and exercise a choice of language accordingly, without losing sight of the message and its intent;
  • Demonstrated expertise in the field of technical documentation;
  • Fundamental knowledge of the basic concepts of technical communication;
  • Effective collaboration with experts in the field in order to produce accurate and user-friendly technical documentation;
  • Experience working with communication tools such as Confluence, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Visio.
  • Excellent presentation skills;
  • Strong teamwork, cooperation and interpersonal skills;
  • Strong skills in planning and production processes and ability to define, document and implement processes.

Are you known for your analytical mind, your rigour, your good judgment and your result-focused working methods? Are you always ready to take on challenges in an ever-changing environment? If so, this position is for you! Whether you live in Saguenay, Montréal, Mérida or elsewhere, apply now and propel your career forward at Timesphere!

Type of employment: full-time, permanent

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