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Timesphere is designed to handle different levels of complexity, regardless of the type of industry in which planning and follow-up takes place. The common denominator among our customers is the need to better plan and manage employees in environments where working hours are extended, working rules can be complex and time sheet production requires vigilance.


Public and security sectors


For the Public and security sectors, Timesphere helps easily manage callback lists. A straightforward implementation reduces planning errors and automates your replacement list management while respecting the intricacies of your collective agreements

The solution can operate in areas such as:

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Traceability is paramount to the Public and security sectors. Indeed, Managers and employee representatives alike need to retain information and be able to refer to it using targeted and accurate reports. Timesphere can, for example, store the log and results of all calls made to employees. As a result, the employer can create proof of conformity with union rules in the event of an employee grievance.

Timesphere can easily integrate with existing time clock, HR and payroll systems.

Transportation and Logistics


To Transportation and logistics depend on precise scheduling. Whether it’s the organization of raw material handling operations on a port or the regulation of passengers in airports, employee scheduling must suit the ebb and flow of demand.

The Timesphere solution can operate in areas such as:

  • Ports
  • Airports
  • Public transportation
  • Others

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Efficient planning using multiple sources of information


In order to achieve an efficient planning of scheduling requirements, there are multiple sources of information that can be made use of depending on the activity sector. For example, Timesphere allows the processing of data sourced from transactional systems and traffic measuring systems for commercial entities, or from flight schedules and seat occupancy rates for an airport. Once the requirement forecast has been established, the schedule optimization engine can automatically create schedules for all employees in a matter of only a few minutes.

To ensure you get the right person in the right place at the right time, nothing matches Timesphere. This is because Timesphere saves time, automates schedule production and even allows you to create scenarios based on a workforce with changing schedules!


Timesphere complements transportation and logistics management systems


Timesphere complements the management systems in place to ensure scheduling and tracking schedules adapt to large variations in staffing requirements. Setting up the right Timesphere modules will:

  • Reduce time spent on planning
  • Reduce labor costs while maximizing service quality
  • Integrate and automate the processes in place

Timesphere can easily integrate with ERP systems, your organization’s data, and traffic tracking systems.  Additionally, it can return the processed information to the ERP systems and payroll systems processed according to your rules.

Commercial & Industrial Services


Deploying teams using the order management module


Effectively deploying teams to different sites requires sophisticated planning and monitoring capabilities. Indeed, every employee deployed must be associated with those who ordered the work.

This information should contain the client’s name, the project, the location and other details relevant to your planning and tracking.

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So, in a context where each day can include a large number of orders, using Timesphere with its order management module will:

  • Associate different shifts and desired skills to each work order
  • Follow up on order execution
  • Simplify modification and rescheduling of orders according to the customer’s evolving needs
  • Know your costs per project and per customer and therefore become more efficient


Prioritize using preferences 

Preferences add an additional level of refinement. Beyond eligibility through skills, preferences allow you to prioritize where an employee will work within his skill set. While easily integrating into the complex systems already in place, Timesphere avoids planning errors that create dissatisfaction and reduces the costs associated with the difficult task of tracking of hours worked. “Finally, you’ll be able to communicate quickly with your employees to plan a day that suits you best”.

Financial Services & Banking


A direct branch service provides unique opportunities for financial organizations to get in touch with their clients.

Financial institutions offer increasingly varied services, and direct contact with the customer is still the best way to share the scope and benefits of their available products and services.

Consequently, you should optimize your direct branch financial services and banking employee scheduling with Timesphere.

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Timesphere tools allow you to

  • Get accurate knowledge of labor budgets in advance
  • Communicate effectively with your employees
  • Give your managers simple and fast tools
  • Have accurate management and monitoring reports

The Timesphere solution can easily integrate with financial transaction management systems. Furthermore, it can return the processed information to your statistical systems and payroll systems.


Advanced employee scheduling for direct branch services


To make sure you get the right person in the right place at the right time, nothing can equal Timesphere. Because it automates schedule production and allows you to create scenarios based on a workforce with changing schedules, Timesphere simplifies your life. Thanks to its demand forecasting module, it also allows you to use your transaction data intelligently to predict the flow of in-branch customers and plan the right number of employees at the right time with the right skills.


Better coordination with an employee portal module


Beyond Timesphere’s intelligent approach, its employee-facing module will simplify employer/employee communication. Since your employees have fluctuating availabilities and requests for absences, you want to channel these through an effective tool to better serve your customers. For example, through this module, an employee can prepare and transfer their request to a supervisor. The latter can then accept or reject the request. The employee can receive the decision through the portal or be notified by email.

In addition, your employees can access their schedules and receive important messages.

The Retail industry


As the scheduling manager for your retail operation, you face multiple constraints such as tracking labor costs, anticipating store traffic, having to find replacements quickly when needed, and managing the additional complexity of part-time employees.

The solution can be used in environments such as:

  • Retail chains
  • Department stores
  • Restaurant Chains

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Demand forecasting module


Timesphere’s demand forecasting module allows you to intelligently use data such as retail transactions to predict the flow of customers in your store and thus plan the right number of employees at the right time with the right skills. This optimization allows you to

  • Reduce in staffing when fewer employees are required, leading to important manpower savings
  • Increase staffing during peak periods, improving service levels and increasing revenue

These two factors combined contribute to an important positive financial impact for your organization.


Employee Portal


Beyond the intelligence of Timesphere, its employee portal module will simplify Employer-employee communication. Your employees have fluctuating availabilities and requests for absences and therefore want to channel them through an effective tool. In addition, they will be able to access their schedules and get important messages.


Integration with Retail industry systems


Timesphere can easily integrate with your ERP transaction management, POS and traffic tracking systems. Furthermore, it can return processed information to ERP systems and payroll systems.

Health services or
healthcare facilities


As a scheduling manager for health services or healthcare facilities, you need to manage employees working in multiple locations, while taking into consideration availability constraints, flexible schedules and much more.

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Reduce planning errors


“Timesphere schedule management software allows you to manage a callback list that fits easily within your existing systems. Simple to implement, Timesphere allows you to reduce planning errors and automate your replacement list management while respecting the intricacies of your collective agreements”.


Timing can be critical


In healthcare services or healthcare facilities, timing can be critical and literally have life-or-death consequences. Fortunately, the Timesphere replacement module is entirely configurable and accessible from anywhere. Therefore, it ensures speed and precision for daily and weekly operations. This module enables the full implementation of the rules for the replacement and prioritization of employees. When finding a replacement each employee is quickly analyzed and is determined to be eligible if they respond to programmable criteria such as

  • availability
  • maximum hours attained
  • skills
  • rest
  • others


Rules must be observed


Multiple employees eligible for a replacement appear in order of priority, sorted by a sequence defined by the organization. Moreover, you can configure the sequence to take into account seniority, affiliation, status, division, and even ranking systems based on overtime hours, work refusals, etc. This way Timesphere conforms itself to all collective agreements and work rules.


Effectively manage restricted health services or healthcare facilities’ resources


Resource availability within Health organizations is becoming increasingly restricted. Consequently, the use of these resources is a major challenge. Timesphere can help you

  • Communicate quickly and easily with employees using the employee desk
  • Quickly receive employee response without having to call them
  • Re-optimize job structures according to rules and ensuring optimal coverage

Employees on callback lists can have multiple skills and consequently be able to work in different areas. Timesphere allows the best use of this resource pool to meet the employer’s requirements while also enabling more interesting, more stable schedules. This helps create a stimulating work environment while respecting everyone’s availability.