Master your employee scheduling universe

An Employee scheduling solution that can optimize your entire business

Employee scheduling is at the core of your organization’s efficiency. That’s why Timesphere employee scheduling solution doesn’t just create work schedules; it helps optimize numerous aspects of your business.

Timesphere is designed to improve your company’s workforce planning by tracking thousands of variables. It can ensure business rules, pay scales, collective agreements and employee requirements are respected to the letter, no matter how complex your scheduling.

Used by businesses of all sizes, our solution is scalable and suitable for several sectors and industries.

Spend less time on employee scheduling

  • Integrate your employees’ availability and skills
  • Optimize results with the employee scheduling assistant
  • Automatically generate your employee’s schedules according to your customer orders or traffic

Collaborate and communicate efficiently with your employees

  • Publish schedules and notifications on an employee portal
  • Receive your employees’ leave requests and availabilities
  • Manage collaborative shift bidding process
  • Access all information on mobile or any other platform

Ensure schedules respect business rules and collective agreements

  • Validate and apply rules and policies (seniority, status, etc.)
  • Optimize costs as per your budget and predefined objectives
  • Manage absences, replacements and vacations effectively
  • Configure pay rules to facilitate payroll production

Be proactive by anticipating demand

  • Anticipate demand according to the most sophisticated parameters in your business d’affaires
  • Anticipate needed resources based on history
  • Assign the right employee to the right task at the right time