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Workforce planning that simplifies your tasks and improve your business.

Employee scheduling is at the core of your organization’s efficiency.  That’s why Timesphere is designed to optimize your workforce’s flexibility through its ability to track and use a wide range of data for effective workforce planning.

It ensures business rules, pay scales, collective agreements and employee requirements are respected to the letter, no matter how complex your scheduling.

Collaborative tool and proactive workforce planning that enhance communication with your employees




Allows you to create work schedules while respecting company needs, policies and rules, as well as take into account employee skills and availability. The planning and scheduling module is Timesphere’s core module. it includes

  • The individual employee file, including constraints, preferences and availability
  • The hierarchy of your organization and the monitoring of its needs
  • Schedule creation and replacement management features.

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It has advanced features for setting and applying organizational rules. The planning module allows schedules and shifts to be offered to employees who in turn can manifest their interest. Its user-friendly interfaces make it possible to quickly adopt best practices.


  • Automate management of replacements
  • Centralize availability management
  • Simplify and control your scheduling and approval process


Demand forecasting

The forecasting module predicts the number of employees to plan at the right time and in the right place. This planning is done for each of the organization’s divisions and assignments.

This module is used by organizations that provide direct customer service such as airport security, retail or food services. It powers the planning module.

Our artificial intelligence systems can predict traffic based on your organization’s data. The data can be from multiple sources. Here are some examples of data sources used by sectors in which Timesphere is effective:

  • Air transport safety – Airplane departure plan
  • Restaurants – POS data
  • Retail industry – Customer traffic data

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Additional filters can be added to refine the solutions in order to better capture the specificities of your sector


  • Know your traffic ahead of time
  • Reduce costs when the number of employees is too high
  • Improve your service when the number of employees is insufficient

Order management

The order management module allows you to add a layer of schedule planning and tracking information. This module is used by organizations that must plan schedules on different sites and on different projects.

Track project costs

The information attached to each shift, such as project and project location will allow you to track project costs, from schedule planning to timesheet. This module is used in sectors such as:

  • Ports
  • Field service
  • Events

Enter information on the various orders directly into our user interfaces or import it from ERP / MRP systems. Information can then be returned for tracking purposes, return costs and payroll.

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  • Follow your project from planning to timesheet
  • Automatically communicate project and location information to employees
  • Allow team leaders to find the right information about their projects in the same location

Employee portal

Facilitates communication between employers and employees. It also gives employees access to much more information and the ability to make change requests.

The employee portal allows the employee to

  • Check their schedule
  • Identify preferred shifts
  • Request absences and complete necessary forms
  • Register presence and complete time sheet
  • Read messages and employer documents


  • Avoid unnecessary phone calls
  • Provide mobility for your employees
  • Track requests and authorizations

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Quickly respond to employee requests

Establish a privileged connection and simplify communication between the organization and your employees. All absences and non-availability requests are centralized for timely approval by supervisors.

Schedule optimization

Scheduling features allow you to assign the right employees to the right place at the right time.

Timesphere optimization engines allow you to automatically create schedules by assigning employees according to their availability and company rules.

There are four possible optimization modes:

  • Assigning shifts to employees based on availability and organizational rules
  • Allocation of schedules or shifts according to employee preferences communicated to the employer through the employee portal
  • Creation of schedules with the schedule simulator that considers the traffic data and your organization’s criteria
  • Reorganization of schedules according to the variable customer traffic and employees guaranteed number of hour

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  • Save time and money
  • Eliminate planning errors
  • Perform your simulations

Time and attendance

Provides optimal control of start and finish times and accurate validation of hours worked, according to working rules.

Attendance can be validated through the employee portal. It can also be validated through other sources such as security or authentication systems. The time and attendance module allows the employee’s presence to be interpreted to identify delays, early departures or irregular breaks. This interpretation is based on established rules.


  • Avoid paying for hours not worked
  • Apply the rules fairly
  • Be informed at the right time


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Time and attendance management provides optimal control of flexible input and capture sources as well as accurate validation of hours worked according to your processes while respecting legislation.

Provides optimal control of input sources and accurate validation of hours worked according to your work processes.


Timesheet management can quickly become complex. Whether due to interpretative rules of or approval processes requiring several people, keep full control over the hours and rates to be paid to employees.

The power of this timesheet module allows you to

  • Identify the right types of pay to be applied
  • Calculate overtime hours
  • Calculate the applicable premiums
  • Manage employee time banks

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Once the approval process is completed, the data can be exported directly into your pay system, whether internal or outsourced.


  • Eliminate costly remuneration errors
  • Avoid duplicate data entry

Reporting and Business intelligence

Take advantage of built-in management indicators on the use of budgets and employee tracking while maintaining full traceability.

Timesphere offers a series of basic reports and in addition, with the business intelligence module, a comprehensive data warehouse allowing you to produce all desired reports and complete important organizational dashboards


  • Measure your performance
  • Visualize your data
  • Have your data all in one place

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Integrates with your systems

Timesphere employee scheduling software can easily integrate and exchange information with your existing systems, enabling seamless implementation and more precisely targeted planning and scheduling

Timesphere can bi-directionally interface with:

  • HR systems
  • POS
  • ERP
  • Traffic Management Systems
  • Authentication systems
  • Presence control systems
  • Pay systems
  • Communication systems

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Reliable and secure technology

Timesphere’s hosting infrastructure meets the world’s highest reliability and security standards.

Data security is a priority

  • Hosting is through a third-party data center 4
  • Application can be accessible in encrypted mode on SSL tunnel in HTTPS mode
  • Our virtual machine is isolated in a promiscuity zone on a virtual private network for each of our customers
  • Each client receives their own unique access URL

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