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Do you know what employee scheduling software can do for your busniess ?

Timesphere was born out of a desire to help businesses meet their employee scheduling challenges and help them be more effective and more productive. Our dedicated team of experts wanted to create a solution that could truly adapt to business’s needs, be scalable, simple and fast to integrate and combine performance with world-class security.
This is Timesphere.

dedicated team with advanced expertise


As engineers, researchers and all-out enthusiasts who take our clients’ success to heart, we differentiate ourselves through in-depth support, personalization and expertise in work schedule optimization.


Our team is ready to meet your employee/resource planning and management challenges, no matter how complex. Committed and responsive to your needs, our priority is always the success of your projects.


At Timesphere, service for our customers is not a role but an attitude. Each Timesphere employee is responsible for solving your challenges and answering your questions. An attentive ear awaits you at each touchpoint.

solution that adapts to your business reality


TIMESPHERE is adaptable to your sector of activity.


It can handle diverse levels of complexity, and is designed to optimize scheduling in environments where working hours are extended, working rules can be complex and time sheet production requires constant vigilance.

It can be used in airports, service oriented companies, government organizations, industrial sector, transportation and delivery; in short, wherever schedule planning and employee time management is a complex issue and where good communication with employees is essential to the proper functioning of the organization.



TIMESPHERE employee scheduling software can be used in companies ranging from 100 to thousands of employees. Smaller companies having to manage complex planning rules benefit from the power of TIMESPHERE.

Large organizations depend on TIMESPHERE’s automation of large-scale scheduling management.


Highly configurable to your business rules and processes


TIMESPHERE can be set to fit your reality. The main parameters you can set at the rule level are for scheduling, management of replacements, employee availability and constraints, attendance management and management of time sheet and bonus transactions

You can also define employee scheduling rules based on positions to be managed and replaced, customer traffic and customer fulfillment

Furthermore, TIMESPHERE allows you to create custom processes with approval, and assign responsibilities according to specific roles, all with traceability.

All involved will benefit from increased peace of mind.


We’ll personalize it for you


We understand that your organization faces unique and significant challenges, and that you need to refine your work processes and rules as your company evolves.

Before each project, our analysts take the time to thoroughly understand your rules and business processes. In addition, we’ll ensure that each custom feature is properly integrated to the solution and diligently maintained through the years.

Thanks to the combination of this powerful tool and an absolutely dedicated support team, the level of personalization that can be achieved with TIMESPHERE is unmatched in the industry.

Simple and fast to implement


The Timesphere solution is simple to deploy and implement.

The training necessary to understand, configure, assimilate and use the main modules can be completed in two four hour sessions. Our structured implementation plan, coupled with the expertise and experience of our analysts and trainers, will allow you to become self-sufficient within a few weeks.

For more complex projects, we’ll accompany you step by step with a personalized plan.


Integrates with your systems


TIMESPHERE employee scheduling software can easily integrate and exchange information with your existing systems, enabling seamless implementation and more precisely targeted planning and scheduling

TIMESPHERE can bi-directionally interface with:

  • HR systems
  • POS
  • ERP
  • Traffic Management Systems
  • Authentication systems
  • Presence control systems
  • Pay systems
  • Communication systems

Reliable and secure technology


Timesphere’s hosting infrastructure meets the world’s highest reliability and security standards.

Data security is a priority

  • Hosting is through a third-party data center 4
  • Application can be accessible in encrypted mode on SSL tunnel in HTTPS mode
  • Our virtual machine is isolated in a promiscuity zone on a virtual private network for each of our customers
  • Each client receives their own unique access URL

Constant performance at any time of day and week:


  • Scalable infrastructure to meet your needs
  • 24/7 response time monitoring
  • 1gbps redundant network connections
  • Protection against DDOS attacks at OSI levels 3, 4 and 7



Our availability target is 99.95%, outside our planned maintenance windows.

Our team monitors the status of our services is monitored 24 hours a day to detect and notify you of breakdowns and resolve them as quickly as possible.

Our hosting technology partner is OVH.

Learn more about this unique and powerful employee planning solution on our Solutions page or contact us now. We are always there for you.